Osteopathy is an efficient way to activate the self-healing powers.

Osteopathy was developed in the 19th century by the American doctor Andrew T. Still (1828-1917). He recognized that the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and the organ system are interconnected and mutually influential. 

Osteopathy today:

Osteopathic medicine is mainly used for the detection and treatment of functional and movement disorders of people of all ages. Diagnosis by the doctor or alternative practitioner is made with specific osteopathic techniques performed with the hands. 

Treatment from an expert:

The application of osteopathic medicine requires the most exact knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The foundations of osteopathy include the unity of the human body, the interdependence of structure and function and the self-regulatory forces in the body.

The practice of osteopathic medicine in Germany is considered a medical science and may only be exercised as such by a doctor or alternative practitioner. A five-year osteopathic education is required.
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